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I’ve Been Kidnapped.

June 15, 2011

No, seriously.

Miss Jessica James is the best adventure friend this girl could ask for. On Sunday night, as I’m drowning in my own personal vat of melancholia, she sweeps in, plops me in the car at eleven at night and we’re off. To where, you ask? Good question. At around five in the morning, we found out- that is, we stopped at a seedy little Days Inn. In Nashville, TN. After a fantastic escapade with bribing our way into only a one night stay when we were clearly going to use the room for more than twenty-four hours, we paid our under-the-table $60 and we were set to sleep for a few hours.

After a much needed cat-nap until a bit after 11, we ventured out to the South 12 Tap Room, sat outside in the beautiful Monday sun and had some of the best food I’ve ever had. Full Stop. Oysters on the half shell…

with BAMF fresh ground horseradish…

We also consumed a turkey, goat cheese and spinach grilled sandwich, potato wedges, gouda macaroni and cheese and a black-n-bleu burger with the best warm bleu cheese dressing I’ve ever tasted. Also, a lot of beer.

After moving inside, we continued the beering, but we enjoyed the air conditioning and decor.

Those are pennies!!!

After that, we browsed a few little shops on the same street and had an impromptu (tipsy) fashion show.

iphone does NOT do justice to these awesome dresses- at all.

And thus concludes the first half of Monday in Nashville.

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