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Mission Recap– Go!

April 21, 2011

So, this week I have the joy and the responsibility of caring for my two ill toddlers- with the chicken pox. Yeah- poor little mites. They’re taking it really well, though, and I’m definitely enjoying staying home with them. I can’t wait until it becomes feasible for me to be with them at home all the time!

I’m going to give a ‘Ten on Thursday’ list, then dive in and get your Words of Wisdom Wednesday and Etsy Monday posts.


1. On Tuesday night, I went to Beelistic in Clifton for my sixth tattoo- this one of a feather. Jon, my artist, was fantastic and I would highly recommend. Its healing up quite nicely today- I have to say that this was the least painful of the whole lot.

2. Even though the kids have the chicken pox, they’ve been in great spirits.

3. I can say that Katherine is now potty trained. Wow, its been such a struggle and its almost over! We just need to work on that whole pooping in the potty thing.

4. Finals are over for the spring semester- thank you! I just have the summer to contend with and then I’ll have my degree, for all its worth.

5. Easter is this Sunday and we’re having brunchy-breakfast with my Mom and sister and family that morning. I’m planning some serious yummies including a low-cholesterol egg white quiche for my bro, Brad.

6. I’ve been so busy I forgot to write about Charles, my friend (and Paul’s) from high school, who needed a place to stay for the summer after getting a job here in Cinci. He’s singularly wonderful and is playing a great Uncle Jesse!

7. Paul and I are planning a trip to Germany this fall after I’ve graduated- I’m super psyched!!!

8. I got to see my favorite Eehwah (Erin) yesterday and we took a quick trip to Macy’s to find a new perfume for me. I picked up Givenchy Tres Irresisteble and she the classic Burberry Brit.

9. We need new bookshelves like mad. The books have begun to be stacked next to the shelves and are in laundry baskets. We’re reaching critical mass.

10. Last night Grant came over and we sat up late watching Hot Tub Time Machine, which played to my puerile sense of humor. It was much, much better than we expected.

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