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English to Greek

February 26, 2011

I bought a phrasebook for my trip to Greece, but it was roughly the size and weight of a brick, so I decided something had to be done about it. I made one of my own.

These are the supplies you need:

Smoothie optional but encouraged. I also used plain scotch tape for poor girl lamination.

Fold in half, like a hamburger not a hotdog.

Do it again.

Cut along folds.

Again. Make sure you have sharp scissors, not the piece of shit ones I’m dealing with.

Fold again.

Staple. +10 coolness if you have a red stapler.

Don’t go nuts, three will do.

Trim pages for evenness. Works better with good scissors.

Moosh it under really heavy books (I might have done this at work. Don’t tell.)

I printed out some columns and taped them to the front cover, then used tape to ‘laminate’ it like me, Kiki and Kelsie used to do with our NSYNC magazine cutouts. Shoutout!

On the back, I put a little cutout of some really important things- yes, no, where’s the potty and at the bottom, the most important, ‘I’m allergic to tomatos!’.

Then you simply fill it up! I’ve noticed that while you’re traveling, you tend to pick up phrases that are really important to you and you use all the time (in Spain it was ‘how do I get to the highway?’. In Mexico it was learning how to ask for a White Russian instead of a Black Russian). So, not only do you have a place to write down those important phrases, but its also a souvenier.

I’m hoping to keep this, and make more for every non-Englais place I go, for my kids, so that in 2030, they’re going to have my guide, my handwriting and they’ll have fun. It’ll remind them that Mum was once cool.

Or maybe they’ll think I’m cool by then again. I hope so.

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  1. Kiki permalink
    March 12, 2011 10:51 pm

    Woot woot NSYNC cutouts! Those were the days…

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