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Wears the pants…

January 26, 2011

For my birthday (which is next week, for all of you who may have forgotten) I have decided to buy myself a pair of tuxedo cigarette pants, which I will love and love and love.

I have a special spot in my heart for cigarette pants stemming from the pair I had when I was sixteen, which were charcoal grey with a lovely pinch-seam down the fronts and ended right above my ankle bones.  I felt chic, french and gorgeous in those pants. A store was going out of business in the mall where I lived at the time in Charleston, SC, and I snatched them up with my Mom. I wore these pants for some of the best parts of my life: the party where I first got past first base with my now husband (where I met my brother in law, Patrick for the first time) and the night I started a life-long friendship with Greg Stanforth. They meant a lot to me.

Then I lost them.

It has been devistating. So, I’m going to buy myself another pair.

I don’t think I’ll actually buy any of those, because my budget is under a hundred dollars, but it was really nice looking, right?

PS- what do you think of the new way I’m displaying price and where to buy each item? Is it better than the old way where I just typed everything out?

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