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Week in Recap

January 15, 2011

So, its been a really shitty week. A friend of mine died on Wednesday and I’ve been super out-of-sorts all week. Can’t blame me.

But when I get depressed, I tend to do projects.

The bathroom tile is complete, all sealed and grouted. The men come to install the shower glass, but unfortunately, the door was cut incorrectly, leaving me with a half-done shower. :/

Paul has been working crazy hours this week: he’s gone before I wake and is home after we’re asleep. So, hence, I am unable to get the top foot of the walls painted, even with a ladder. Pathetic, I know. So it’s going to remain 3/4 painted for another week or so.

I did manage to put up the mirror, but floating shelves and I do not work well together. See the holes next to the mirror for proof.

I got the attic rooms carpeted in anticipation of Anne and Greg’s stay with us for the next month while they’re in between homes.

Well, it wasn’t exactly for them. We’ve been meaning to do it for a while and a fire has been lit under my arse.

We’ve had to use the third floor bath tub because the shower has been out of commission, and that’s why the space is so spazzed out messy, but I painted the floor that lovely sky blue this week in anticipation of the carpet coming. It was ugly and cream-ish colored before. Its so pretty now!

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