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Avalon Organics Shampoo: Suck

January 8, 2011

Ok, on my journey to big-girl hair care:

(Which I get for less than a dollar per bottle [with my mad cupon clipping skills]. )

I have tried many new kinds of shampoo and conditioner. Today, I tried this:

Avalon Organics Clarifying Shampoo and Conditioner in Lemon.

I chose the best possible day to try it, I think. I’m helping out my sister at her practice and have to be there at nine, so the best thing I can do is throw a kink in my morning routine, right?

The shampoo smells awesome. I mean, awesome. I’ve got a bit of the flu still, and the lemon scent really perked me up. It was great. I had to use quite a bit of the shampoo, though, and it didn’t lather well and dried out my hair, I could tell, even while it was wet.

The conditioner was the problem. It did not, I repeat, not, coat my hair well, it didn’t de-tangle, it left my hair kind of crispy when it dried. Definitely not a positive experience.


Totally dry, totally crispy.

One down, four hundred and thirty six to go.

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