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Review: Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows (Part I)

November 19, 2010

So, I, of course, went to the midnight opening. Had to. I went with several close friends and we settled in at midnight for the ride. There were things I loved and things I wasn’t mad about.

Starting with the awkwardly quiet opening scenes where we weren’t completely sure it was starting and lackluster aerial fight scene (which they CAN do well- look at the aerial scenes from Order of the Phoenix), the first half of the movie (consequently, the part with action) was a little too contrived and a bit too forced. The wedding could have been done better- IE, fangirls want to see Fleur’s dress, damn it. The long escapade through the ministry was done fairly well, but the exit with Yaxley at their heels was strange- we didn’t even know he was a Death Eater in the film, although readers of the novels did. He was just some guy chasing them. Then the odd splinching incident was very confusing- how exactly did they get to the Forest of Dean? Hermione tried to explain it, but failed a bit.

The best parts of the movie were in the second half- where the psychodrama happens- the tension between Ron and Harry, Hermione’s frantic searching- they were beautiful.

One thing that my companions and I noticed was the sizzling chemestry between Emma Watson’s Hermione and Daniel Radcliffe’s Harry- when it was Hermione and Ron that were supposed to be pining after each other. Of course, the directors could have never forseen this- being that they were cast in their roles when they looked like this:

Now, they’re all grown up and looking like this:

Anyway, it was a great experience- for Potter-ites.

And if you’re not- don’t go see it. You don’t have a soul.

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