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Chocolate Mousse…

November 16, 2010

So, everyone knows my chocolate mousse is the freaking bomb, right? Yeah.

Imagine my chagrin as I walk down the aisles of my local Kroger (the one on Glenway, not the Kroghetto on Harrison) and I find this:

I got angry. How dare they try to put my hours of work into a mix.

In vindication I bought a box.

Upon taking it home, I read the directions: Add one cup milk and beat on high for two minutes or until fluffy.

Who were they trying to kid, really?

So with malice in my heart, I followed the instructions. I gleefully watched my stand mixer beat at the powder and milk.

Then my heart started to fall. The consistency was better than mine- lighter than air and full of pretty fluffy bubbley places.

Then I tried it.

And it was a reasonable facsimile of my own perfected chocolate mousse.

I think I might give up on the double-boiling of the chocolate, the meticulous adding of the brandy and cream…

And go for the box.


(the kids aren’t mine.)
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