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Prison Ink

October 30, 2010

Hi! I like tattoos! What about you?

Before last night, I had four tattoos:

And yesterday, I decided to add to the collection with a latin phrase.

50 points to you if you know what it means and you aren’t Art Collins.

Anne and Greg took me to Beelistic where I worked with Shaun IV (his last name is Four. Makes me giggle). We debated over a few things but finally settled on ‘circa regna tonat’. I’ll do a complete review of Beelistic and Shaun later, but know that I would recommend very much!

Before we got started. I’ve logged at least ten hours of tattooing in my life, but I still get really nervy.

The first five minutes are always the worst. I nearly always pass out. This was an exception, where I merely got woozy and turned white.

We started yelling silly things by the time ‘regna’ started. “Jiminy Cricket!” “Holy Mother of Mercy!” “Sweet Basil!” “Fuckin’ Anne Hathaway!” (referring Shakespeare’s wife, not the large-mouthed actress).

‘tonat’ was a time where everything got quiet and I laid there in a semi-comatose stupor chanting things in my head from my natural child-birthing. The fear-tension-pain cycle is a good thing to keep in mind while being tattoo’d.

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