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Etsy Monday: Special Edition

October 25, 2010

So, yesterday at Doug’s semi-annual party (this one being the Pumpkin Carving Party, the other being Lame Chicken Day) I was walking around the first floor of his house and realized how truly amazing his art collection is. Even the way things are hung is creative and beautiful- random assortments of papier-mache sculptures, huge oil painted portraits, abstracts, collections of pretty bottles all mingle together cohesively.

I said to myself, “First thing you do when you get home is go on etsy and find inexpensive prints or paintings or photographs to buy to emulate that gorgeous, comfortable style”.

I found an artist by the name of heatherfuture and from her collection have these four $18 prints.

Grant the Whale

Maurice loves an eggplant


Percy the Incognito Owl

I just love her work. It gives a smile to my soul.

christydekonig does Holly Gollightly for $5

Life as a cute car in Paris by shellsherree for $22

Soft on Soft by KimDow, $80

Fight For It by dazeychic, $20

Ballet by WatercolorbyMuren, $24

Left on the Shelf by gorjuss, $20

Industrial V by localartistprints, $38

ImagineStudio Rainy Day Blue, $18

Vermeer by Millersye, $17

Luna and the Squid by FoxEstacado, $5


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