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October 24, 2010

There is nothing going on.


I finished season 5 of Bones. The finale was lackluster and left me feeling even more nothing than before.

Classes are getting harder; weather is getting colder. Parenting is becoming harder. How do people intrinsically know how to potty train kids? How did they know how to do it before books? And books aren’t helping my diaper-pooper.

I’m in such a funk. I’m assuming I’ll be out of it by tomorrow, but for now I’m so blah I can’t seem to do anything but sit and drool. I can’t even muster the enthusiasm to check out etsy or read It’s pathetic.

Sundays are my days to sleep in; Paul gets up with the wonder twins, so I slept until 10. In the afternoon, we had a family nap from 5-7. The kids are still asleep and will sleep through the night. I love my children. It’s 9:30 now. I want to go to sleep. Sleep is really the only thing that seems to hold an appeal to me at the moment.

In an effort to corral the last reserves of my energy, I present a dirigible.

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