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Jackass. In 3D.

October 20, 2010

Underneath my sophisticated clothing, behind my love of Jane Austen and fine wine, covered by my fancy education is a little girl who loves puerile humor. I snort when I see someone run into a door or get a bag of flour dumped on them. I find 60 foot high port-a-potty bungees hi-larious.

It is no wonder that I chose to take my 3D virginity with Jackass 3D.

I was not dissappointed.

Pranks start right in with a large hand the size of a horse on a spring-loaded bar, giving unknowing cast and crew members a ‘high-five’. An intern with a tray of tomato soup. Bam Margera being hit with bags of flour taped to the hand. Classique.

It’s followed by antics such as slingshot rollerskating, jet ski ramps down a hill, tetherball with an African bee hive, gluing a midget to an obese man… the list goes on and on. Then there are the gross ones- too icky for me to even mention, let alone look at the screen with my 3D glasses on. At those points I just squealed and turned my chin to my companion’s shoulder.

One thing I did notice, though, is the state of the cast members. They’re still all overjoyed to be working as they do, but they’re getting noticeably older- Johnny Noxville is thirty-nine now and really showing the way he has abused his body.

Paul said to me, “Belle, how can you stand that stuff? It’s like torture. You don’t like torture- you threw a party to celebrate the closing of Gitmo!”. And I replied, “Well, darling, these guys do it willingly. It’s like watching car crashes on purpose in an arena,”. He gave me a look. Registered. Laughed. “You mean demolition derby,”. I roll my eyes, “Yeah. Something like that,”.

Totally worth it.

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