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Picture Post: Dinner with the Fam; Tom’s 27th

October 18, 2010

Lovely day yesterday: dinner with the family at Grandma and Grandpa’s house in Indiana. Dad bought the kids a tricycle. Not just any trike, though…

Katherine loved the trike, but at times was consumed by her ‘hairy ball’

I love braiding her hair, even though she always says, “I want my hair in my eyes!”.

Luca was definitely too short, but he was happy.

I’m not sure where his pants went.

I needed a little push from Kelly

Kelsie is so adorable it hurts.

I love getting together with family on fall evenings. There’s something restorative about it…

Also, getting together with friends to celebrate a birthday, Tom’s 27th!

We started out at Star Lanes Bowling in Newport. That’s me with Sam ^

Sam and her Birthday Boy.

Lindsay’s AWESOME cake.

Drew, Sam, Tom and some kid who’s name I didn’t catch.

Drew and Mad Scientist Sam.

Alex, Radish and Lindsay. Notice the cake.

Thomas is a sexy bowler. He does that spinning ball thing that I can’t do.

Strange- yes. Typical- also, yes. Thomas, Sam, Ali and Caroline.

From here it begins to get a little sillier. Drew, Sam, Tom and I decided that karaoke was the way to go. On to Molly Malone’s!

Sam, Tom, Drew and an homage to Strongbow Cider.

One hell of a performer.

I got pulled in at the bridge to do a tango. Friendly gay men abducted my camera and took these shots.

I also got the mic cord wrapped around my foot.

The finale. Yes, my hand and foot have gone ballet on me. Yes, he’s still singing. Yes, I forgot my leg could move like that.

All in all, a wonderful night.

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  1. Anne permalink
    October 18, 2010 6:12 pm

    I think I know that mysterious kid. And it creeps me out that you’ve met him.

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