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Wallpaper: Bathroom

October 13, 2010

Our downstairs half bath’s wallpaper is uglier than anything I’ve ever seen. I’m tacking home projects again because- guess what!- out house has lost $20k in value since we bought it, meaning we definitely don’t have the capacity to sell. We’ll just make the best of this then!

You can see why I might want to re-paper. I’ll do a splashy paper on one wall, then, paper the other three in an unobtrusive, but complementary color. Then get new fixtures. Especially the sconces! Knock out that glass shelf. Get a real mirror. Etc. But for now, I’m tacking wallpaper.

Memories, by Brewer


Wow! by Albany


Into the Woods , Cole and Son


Birds of a Feather, AlbanyWoods — Yes, those are little union-jack birds. I like quirk, what can I say?


Passage of Time, Brewers


Tema e Variazoni, Cole and Sons


Clarendon, Osborne + Little

All papers drom Wallpaper Direct.

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