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Wedding Bells: Kiki and Jake

October 12, 2010

Ok, SQUEE!!!

Kiki (real name: Kristina) is a favorite cousin of mine- we grew up together. I’ve always thought that there should be a closer term between cousin and sister for her. She’s more to the sister side than the cousin side, really and for that, I repeat:


She’s getting married (!) to Mr. Jake Brooks this coming fall!

They’re super-cute. He led her on a scavenger hunt: first he had a note sent to her classroom (she’s a Spanish teacher at a grade school) telling her to go to her apartment. From there, she had to go to our grandparents’ house, then her parents’ and finally to the church that my family has been going to for our whole lives. He was there, did the one knee thing and THERE IT WAS! The diamond, I mean.

So, of course, I was authorized to put together a concept board for their fall wedding!

If I know one thing about my Kiki, I know that she will want to be married at our family church, Tanner Valley Methodist, and have her reception outdoors on our grandparents’ land.

Kik is so connected to her family that I cannot imagine it being anywhere else. That’s one of my favorite Kiki-traits: her family and her faith are the strongest thing in her life and she lives with those two things every day.

A great palette for Kiki and Jake will be earth tones: dresses and decorations in browns, golds and chocolates with shots of tangerine.

Bridesmaids could be dressed in any of the earth tones with fall-colored flowers:

The idea of pie in lieu of wedding cake, or in addition to, is a new trend I really like. Apple, Grandma’s strawberry-rhubarb, pumpkin, cherry….

But if cake is really burning a hole in your brain (like it always does for me), these are some great ideas:

Great signature drinks would be hot mulled wine and apple cider.

I worked for David’s Bridal in their alterations department during college and there was one dress that I always saw and immediately thought of Kik; it’s so her.

Lots of Love, Kiki and Jake!


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