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Fashion Secrets

October 8, 2010

Ok, anyone want to know how I knew to wear cut off black tights in 2004? Or that I’ve been tucking my jeans into my knee high boots since 2003? Or that my love of Military-inspired clothes emerged two years ago?


If it’s hot in Japan right now, you bet your arse that in another year or two it’ll hit America because let’s face it- we’re the arse end of the fashion road.

Here are some for you to follow RIGHT NOW- so that you can say that you were the girl who wore such and such years before its time.

1. Schoolgirl Chic

2. Long layers

3. Boater Hats

Anne Hathaway - boater hats


4. Lady-like Poise (thank GOD)

5. Knee Socks

6. Capes (!)

One Comment leave one →
  1. chichichic permalink
    October 8, 2010 8:16 pm

    Love the lady trend and capes!

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