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Equestrienne Fashion

October 6, 2010

So, lately I’ve been having recurring dreams about riding a white horse named Darcy.

So, obviously, my thoughts would go to what I was wearing. There are some equestrienne fashions that I would carry over to my everyday life, if I was an equestrienne.

1. Jodhpurs. I’ve been wearing a facsimile of these for years- since before the jeans into boots thing became cool.

The Equestrian Corner, on sale $27


ProRyders, $249

2. Waistcoats and Tails

Pikeur Softshell Tail Coat

Classic Dressage, $606

Linen Tailcoat--Handmade in Your Size
MacheteNSons $215
3. Cravats. Oh, man! This is something in the men’s department that is years ahead of America. I first spotted these gorgeous ‘scrunchie cravats’ in Spain this past January and demanded my accomplice to buy one, which he did with gusto. I don’t expect them to land in the US for another two or three years.

Bottle Green Scrunchie Cravat

Swagger And Swoon, $29

DAY Ascot Tie Cravat Taffeta - Black
Gentleman’s Jabot, $19

Elegant Ascot, $20

4. Dressage Shirts.

Dressage Horse Show Short Sleeve Shirt by Harry's Horse

Equine Fashion and Tack. $50

Frenzy Universe. My take on modern dressage, with a steampunky twist. $45

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