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Bathroom Update

September 24, 2010

I’ve got grand ideas for the bathroom!

Current Bathroom. I hate powder blue walls. I also hate the lack of storage, hence the kitchen rack. You can’t see it, but there’s also a walk-in shower with no glass walls but a jerry-rigged pvc-pipe shower curtain.

I don’t plan on painting anything orange. It’s just so show the false-wall I’d like to build around the tub enclosure, deftly hiding the storage issues and adding visual interest. I would, however, put up white sheers inside the alcove and paint the wood some color other than white. Or, maybe the walls plum purple and the wood white. With apple green accents….hmmm

Some inspiration:

Love the color palette! That rose with the aqua…dreamy.

I definitely want sheers around the tub. Not that long, but similar, so that I can cocoon myself away.

Contemporary Bathroom photo by Lilia♥

The brown is nice as well.



Choices, choices…

A mirror…

A bit of inspiration for the tub enclosure in this one if going with the plum, apple and white.

Amy Butler Bucharest Fabric Shower Curtain


Rosewood Black and White Shower Curtain by Nicole Miller



Duet Towels by Royal Velvet®, 100% Cotton

Royal Velvet® Duet Bath Rugs, Contours and Lids

Duet Towels by Royal Velvet®, 100% Cotton

Wall sconces to replace the genuinely ugly ones we have.

Portfolio 1-Light Brushed Nickel Traditional Pocket Wall Sconce


Portfolio 1-Light Bronze Traditional Arm Sconce


And this one. Well, this one I just adore.

Bel Air Lighting 6-Light Contemporary Arm Wall Sconce

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