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Awesome Baby Gifts Under $50

September 18, 2010

Ok, so everyone I know and their sister is having a baby. Everyone. So, I’m obliged to get them a present. The people I really like, I crochet them a blanket or a something else made and everyone else gets a store-bought bauble. Which are cute, but they let you know how much I like your spawn.


I know, you love your child. I know you feel intitled to gifts- especially on that very important first baby. Gifts make you feel better- you are fat and bloated, but now you have prezzies.

Because you don’t want to spend much on that squalling lump of blankets who will grow up to bite and play violent video games obsessively, here are the best- for just under $50!

Wippy NEW! picture

Uglydolls. These plush, furry friends are so very ugly they’re cute. Katherine loves her ‘Uggy’. $20

view larger picture

Very cute blankies from LauraPaul are my favorite things to give. We got some really amazing ones for our kids. Collette gave us a lovely pink embroiderd one with Katherine’s name that she still loves, and anything crocheted for Luca is a massive hit. I don’t know why that kid loves crocheted blankies so much- any crocheted blankie. Anyway, this one is supercute because of the initials. $47.99

Tattoo Slate Tennis Shoe

Squeak shoes by PinkTaffy make me laugh helplessly. Every first time parent must be subjected to squeak shoes. Your child will love them so much that they are the only shoes he/she will walk in. And by the time they grow out of them, you will have had 467 urges to cut your child’s feet off. These are especially cute because of the edgy ‘I’m a badass baby’ style. $32


view larger picture

Speaking of shoes, The Corner Stork’s Dalmation shoes with GIANT bows are a personal favorite of mine. Give that baby something with style! $16.99

Organic onesies say so much to a new mom: I understand that you want to be nice to the Earth. You’re so idealistic.You’re going to cry when your child has a side-wall blowout and ruins this.  You’re going to give up all your morals and principles by the time this child is two. BabyBella says all of these things very well at $24.95
Angelic Genius nutritional fact children's tee
Angelic Genius nutritional fact children's tee
Take this any way you want to. I’m thinking of eating babies. Thanks, JenKlairKids! $24.99


Or, just send some BonBonerie cookies for $1.85/pc

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