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Sunday Scribblings

September 2, 2010

Found a new lovely site I’m going to stretch my artistic muscles with. I’ll let them explain!

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  • Every Saturday (or thereabouts!) we’ll post a writing prompt. (No, not on Sunday because then you can post your writing on Sunday!)
  • You create a piece of writing inspired by that writing prompt.
  • You post your writing
  • on your blog and leave a comment here to let us know you have participated.
  • This past week’s prompt:
    #230 – Faith

    Do you have faith in the future, faith in your friends or family, faith in your car starting, the floor being there in the morning, or in a religion or religious figure?  Is there someone in your life named Faith?  Do you have faith in humanity or goodness or animals or superheroes or simply that the sun will rise tomorrow morning?  Is faith something we all need in some way or another?  What do you think about faith?

    As we all know, I write quite a bit. Quite a bit. It’s been a year almost to the day since I finished my second novel and I’ve been dormant with key-tapping for nearly the whole year. It’s been a hard, frustrating, wonderful, sublime, horrid year and I feel like to keep growing as a writer, I need a regimine.

    I’m going to post my responses to these challenges on this blog. Remember, they are loving, vulnerable pieces of writing, neither complete at times or perfect and deserve the respect accorded to them.

    This week, one of my rare, elusive poems.

     In Referencing Douglas Adams on Athiesm

    She has faith
    that feet will hit floorboards
    in the morning.
    She has faith
    in inertia, in stoplights, in tomes
    in natural law, in Pythagoreas.
    She has faith
    in Mars, in Rosetta, in Au and Li.
    She has her faith
    in what was, is, and always will be.
    Faith in molocules, compounds
    and super-colliders.
    But those fairies under the garden?

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