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Pre-Wedding Dinner

September 1, 2010

Last night Paul and I held a little, intimate dinner for Jeff and Dori as their Pre-Wedding dinner. The ‘core 6’ of us: Jeff, Greg, Paul, Dori, Anne and I made up the group- a lovely, comfortable set.

The Menu
Starters: cheese plate with various crackers, dried fruit and a scrumptious spinach-artichoke dip.
Cocktail: Riesling Sparklers (Riesling, club soda, white grape-peach juice garnished with a few frozen purple grapes)
Dinner: Basil-Parmisean Pesto Chicken, Smooshed Garlish Potatoes, Summer Cranberry Salad and Cheesy Biscuts
Dessert: Hannah’s Special Chocolate-Raspberry Mousse

During dinner, we had excellent conversation, mostly pertaining to our emergency plan for the apocolypse. Greg voted that it would be a zombie apocolypse, but the other five of us voted him down in favor of a solar flare knocking out all silicon circutry, thus rendering the world computer-less. We now have a very complex emergency plan in place when this happens, to be detailed in a future blog post.

After dinner, though, things got a little more silly when we brought out the glow-sticks that Jeff and Dori brought for the kiddos. You would think that a nice, calm dinner would suppress the inner child in us all, but no-oo. The wine sparklers took away all composure and left us giggly messes. This is the resulting mayhem.

(Yes, I tried to spell Belle)

Yes, those are projectiles

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