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Diamonds, Anyone?

August 30, 2010

Ok, so I like diamonds. I really can’t deny that.

I’m also kind of broke, so actual diamonds aren’t really in the picture for me. So…I started searching for diamond simulants- which is the best? Well, I didn’t do so well trying to figure out which was best- I really just got stuck at Nexus Diamond Labs. Their stuff is gorgeous- great settings, inventive design.

I’m good with diamonds. I mean it- I’m really  good with them. I can estimate cut, color and carat weight with a glance. I will know nearly instantly if you are wearing Moissanite. I don’t knock Moissanite, but I’ll know. Even if I will know, 99.998% of the people around you will not know, if you follow simple steps.

Simply Irresistible

Smaller really is better. This ring, “Simply Irresistable” has a .64 carat diamond in the center and .33 on the sides, making a carat and a third. No one will question a modest sized ring.


Case in point. If you don’t look like you’d have a six carat total weight ring, it looks fake.

Lady Forester de Rothschild wears that ring. Not you.

Next point: go simple. Which pendant looks real to you?

Speak Softly


Right, now that we have that settled.

For a really good fake, make sure the settings are made of 14k, 18k gold or platinum and are well made- cast, not stamped, if that makes sense to you. Yellow gold and platinum make for more realistic fake jewelry because their look is unmatchable. Very well taken care of sterling silver or very new alloy rings can have the approximate look of white gold and doubt is implanted in the viewer’s brain.

Which looks more real?

Tiffany-style 6-Prong Comfort-Fit High Setting Round-Cut

Product Details

The real teller is the head- that is, the piece of metal that holds the diamond with it’s prongs. If it is really gold, the head will be white gold while the actual ring is yellow. This is to make sure the diamond looks as white as possible.

After that, be careful with your shapes. Stones with fewer facets (the cuts that make the stone’s shape) like emerald and asscher cut stones, will have large smooth spots, making it easier to detect a fake-diamond glow reflecting from the stone.

Tiffany-style 4-Prong Comfort-Fit Emerald-Cut

See how it looks a little…off?

Tiffany-style 6-Prong Comfort-Fit Marquise-Cut

This marquise-cut stone with more facets looks more diamond like.

And, with that, I’m off to save my pennies for a really good, really big, really fake, diamond.

9.72 ctw Diamond Engagement Rings H SI-3,center 8.72carat

My birthday is February 3. Get on it.

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