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Babies in Hats

August 28, 2010

I love babies. I love hats. I love babies in hats.

Scally Cap
This litte beauty made by adrienneenger is a Newsie’s contribution to today’s toddler. And stinkin’ cute at $25


OopsIKnitItAgain presents this adorable “Little Man Button Hat” again in green with a large, teethable button. $18


I can’t get over the adorableness of this little hat with it’s giant puffy antennae. BostonAvenueBabies graces us with this creation. $9.99

In general, I tend to be attracted to hats with cute babies under them, but in BarefootTams case I had to make an exception for this silly frog hat. $22


Oh my God! It’s a Triceratops hat! With a brim! Cute overload by RockingHorseLane! $25


They just keep getting cuter. Long, stripey knit hat on sleeping baby. Baparsell knits these in Michigan for $22.

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