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Dinner Parties: Guest List Part Deux

August 10, 2010

Personally, I think the perfect number of people to have at a dinner party is 12, for a multitude of reasons. I have places for twelve at my table, I have twelve of my favorite napkins, I have service for twelve in my inherited silverware…the list goes on and on.

Here is a sample guest list, compiled of people I know.

Jeff and Dori– a pair of down-to-earth, fun and fresh mid-20’s newlyweds (at least, after September 3 they will be!) These two mix with new people easily and have great conversation skills.

Mel and Murph – Melissa and Chris Murphy are a great couple that I know through theatre. They’re 30-ish and great people to have around. Chris is a video game nerd, like a few of my guests, and a carpenter. Mel is a stage combat and equestrienne expert.

Lucas – is a kid I’ve known since he was in diapers and as weird as they come, which I say with all the love I possess. He’s a prodigious harp player Republican majoring in Law at Indiana. This picture is from his album (sweet!)

Samantha and Thomas– Sam is a late 20’s bad ass scenic designer, visual artist, writer, historian and friend. She’ll likely come covered in paint (her natural state) and bear fresh veggies and fruits from the garden she tends with live-in boyfriend Thomas. He is into steampunk, which I adore as well, and is well read, leading to great conversation. I don’t know him very well, so a dinner party is a great way to make a better aquaintance.

Grant – is a dear friend from way back. He’s very goofy and is great at breaking the ice with new people. He’s a got a history degree and is part of my small circle of Republican friends.

Jessi – comes from theatre as well, but she’s spent the last few years gallivanting around Europa and is rarely home. I’d have to plan the party just right because her infectious smile and great travel stories are a perfect addition.

Kelsie -is my early 20’s favorite cousin. She’ s another of my republicans with history degrees! She’s stylish and has traveled a lot, so she’ll be right at home in this crowd.

This makes it six boys and six girls, four couples (including Paul and I) and four singles, 3 Republicans, 9 liberals, 4 history geeks, 5 travelers, 4 crafters, 4 video gamers, 7 homeowners, 8 wine drinkers and 4 beer lovers.

Here’s a worksheet to help guide you.

I hope this example will get you started!

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  1. August 10, 2010 10:04 pm

    I was initially offended at not being included in your perfect dinner party but then I realized that I would upset your delicate republican balance. You can’t have that many great thinkers at one table.

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