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Why My 30s Are Better Than My 20s*

August 9, 2010

*I’m not actually in my 30s.

There are a lot of reasons that I like the transition my life has taken since my college days, days I’m about to re-enter into in another two weeks to work on my degree. I thought I should think back and be grateful for the changes that have come about since I was last in college.



3. I am no longer afraid to embrace and really be, myself. Embrace the silly side, the serious side, the creative side and all of the sides that I was too afraid to show in my proverbial 20s: I’m a great cook, which I never thought I’d say, and I’m OK with wearing what makes me comfortable and not worrying about what other moms at Target will think of me. I am no longer paralyzed by fear of what others will think of me, and I can just let go.

4. I am no longer afraid to show unconditional love to the people closest to me. The 20s had trust issues and were full of flimsy relationships, but the 30s are full of loving, happy relationships that are based on genuine honesty and affection. I am also reminded to take more pictures of me with said people…

5. The travel that I have been blessed with in my life has been immense. I’m so grateful for the places I’ve seen and the things I’ve experienced.

6. I wrote a novel. I WROTE A NOVEL. How effing cool is that? I started and completed one of my bucket list items. I wrote a novel. I can walk away from that and know, genuinely, in my heart, that I’ll continue to make words come alive for the rest of my life.

7. I am no longer afraid to say that I’m sorry.

8. I am no longer afraid to forgive.

9. I have accepted my body. I know I have scars and a big chin and retain water like a mo-fo. But it’s mine, and the concept of ownership of my body in my 20s eluded me. Whether I like it or not, its the only one I have and it will be better on me in the long run if I just love it, freckles, scars, stretch marks, flat chested, sharp chin and all.

10. I realized that to be the best me I can be, I need certain things in life: Grandma’s sugar cookies, comfortable pants with elastic waistbands, beautiful art surrounding me, good literature, good history books, to surround myself with like-minded people (not necessarily similar people, but people willing to be their best self and to love that) and to be able to wake up every morning in a better place than where I’ve been.

So, let’s raise our glasses, to where we’ve been, to where we’re going and best of all, to being where we are at this very moment.

Cherish it.

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