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Things I love: Quirky Pendants

July 29, 2010

Everyone knows that I love quirky things, and what is not to love about quirky pendants? There is one for everyone: your sister, your auntie, your wife, your girlfriend…me? There is something for everyone, something personal and thoughtful that will make a serious impression on the receiver.

For your favorite cyclist girl, this is a $49 bicycle pendant. It’s made of 14k gold and has real moving pedals!

This little beauty is perfect for your beautician friend- she’ll probably wear it every day to work. It’s a sterling silver pair of shears that are fully movable and the cherry on the sundae:  $24.

13.1 signifies a half marathon in this charming bubble pendant for your favorite running girl. It’s handmade with a sterling silver chain with a blown glass pendant. Best of all, only $16!

For the Anglophile we all know, this cheeky red glass Keep Calm and Carry On pendant. It comes on either a 16 or 24 inch steel chain. Cheap AND cheeky at only $9.

And for our Francophiles, a sweet Eiffel Tower made of sterling silver with a garnet briolette accent. $16.

A little literary charm for every girl who loves Rochester and Jane Eyre. Again, thoughtful and cheap at $6!

For our Vampire loving folks, a set of sterling silver fangs. $8, too!

And to round this post out, a classy nod to the Golden Snitch! This is a gorgeous, well made tribute to the great Harry Potter. $19.50

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