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Dori’s Wedding Shower

July 26, 2010

Ok, so let me get a little sentimental. I take all the credit of introducing Jeff and Dori. This is what we were like at the time:

Yeah, that’s me under the arrow, there.

Miss Dori

Jeff, as squeaky clean as I’ve ever seen him.

And now, after all of their trials and tribulations (mostly stemming from having me as a close friend and roommate)

Things have changed, and other things haven’t. These two pictures are the only ones I have without Jeff’s blue hat. But I couldn’t find a single picture of Dori without sunglasses either on her face or on her head. I love them both dearly and without reservation!

Yesterday, the main point of this post, was Dori’s wedding shower, hosted by Jeff’s sister, Stacey.

clockwise from left: Debbie Fowee (Jeff’s Mommy), Moi, Emily Hayden (Andi’s girlfriend), Andi Shaw (Dori’s younger sister), Tristy Kleier (one of Dori’s older sisters) and finally, Miss Dori Shaw herself.

Gotta have one of these.

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