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Mini Break!

July 19, 2010

Friday night after I worked a wedding with the wonderful Danielle we packed up the kids into the car and headed out- to Paul’s parent’s vacation house in Gatlinburg. We drove late into the night, but in the morning we were up bright and early to do the thing that Kat had been begging to do for weeks:

horseback riding.

I had to ride with her, something I don’t think she was too happy about, and she had to wear a helmet, another minor irritant. But by the time our horse, Louisiana, was brought to us, she was practically in hives with excitement. 

Her helmet was pretty big, but it didn’t seem to bother her much.

Paul took a few pictures as we rode away with our guide, John.

After that, the kids went down for a nap- Kat fell asleep against me for the last 15 minute of her hour long trail ride, after she had sung every song she knew at the top of her lungs. She crashed from excitement! Paul and I went into Gatlinburg to purchase our two favorite things from the town: Aunt Mahalia’s Sour Taffy

and hand-flavored pipe tobacco:

From there, we went to an early dinner at the Mellow Mushroom.

Where all of my pictures did not turn out well, but it was amazing. Paul and Sue shared a potato pizza: crust, olive oil and garlic, baked potato pieces, chives, sour cream, lots of cheese and bacon. I had a spinach, feta and chicken white pizza which had to be remade because of the tomatoes they put on it. Darn allergies! Don got a meat pizza, which had crust, red sauce, pepperoni, sausage, bacon, ground beef, steak bits and peppercinis.

After dinner, we found a little festival to take the kids to.

Kat was bored on the swings.

Luca, on the other hand, was ecstatic.

I was worried about these spinning cars because Katherine tends to throw up easily, but she LOVED them and wanted to spin faster, faster!

She liked the ‘ship ride’ a lot as well.

The next morning, we drove out, just Paul and I, towards Asheville to the Biltmore House.

Me, driving through a tunnel.

Biltmore was a bit of a dissappointment. You couldn’t take pictures and it was stupidly, terribly expensive, but we had just driven an hour and a half to see it, so we didn’t feel like backing out, although it cost as much as a nice hotel room for a night.I google’d some pictures of our fave parts, in case you haven’t been privy to seeing them.

So, basically, it’s pretty. And expensive. I’m not rating it on my top must do before you die list because of that!

We got back before dinner, and it had rained and the kids were playing in puddles on the deck.

Reading a book with Aunt Stephanie, who got there with Uncle Patrick right when we got back from Biltmore. We only got one night together with them, so we made the best of it sitting in the hot tub, eating, drinking wine and smoking cigars.

And on the way back home this morning, we were treated to this:

At the same time.


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