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Lame Chicken Day

July 10, 2010

No one can explain Lame Chicken Day the same way that Doug can, the creator of the party circa 2005. Doug is also an amazing artist and every year there is a new bit of Lame Chicken artwork.

His house, also amazing, is in a remote part of town and is get this- a 1750’s farmhouse set in the woods. This year’s invite’s artwork, a personal favorite of mine:

We had to leave around nine because of the kids, but already we had some tallies up:

number of injuries: 3
number of instances of vomiting: 1
number of times Michael hurt a child accidentally: 2
number of times it took me (on average) to hit the shuttlecock during badminton: 4
number of bottles of wine consumed by 9pm: 17

Kat LOVED the slide in the bounce house. I could barely get her off of it!

Luca was OK with it, but he started liking it more after the first few times.

There’s a smile! ::melt::

The infamous bounce house.

On the way to the slide for Katherine.

Mitchell and Max aren’t actually fighting in the background!

Once Luca figured out how to walk in the bounce house, he had a blast.

Felt the need for the obligatory picture of me?

Luca looking at the turtles in the pond.

Miss Meg and Luca.

Michael, telling the story of how he got a moth stuck in his ear last year at Lame Chicken Day. Traumatizing.

Kat is really attached to her cousin Alex. He was the only one she wanted to comfort her after she hit her head.

Luca and I chilling in the hammock near the end of the evening.

Patrick. Ain’t he handsome?

A burry, yet really lovely picture of Lorelei. I’m so envious of her ability to wear pleated khaki shorts and not look like an idiot. I always do 😦

And, my Project365 picture for July 10, 2010

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