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Hey, Look! Cooking’s easy!

July 8, 2010

Chicken Cordon Bleu. Sounds fancy. Is fancy. Isn’t fancy to make. In fact, is very easy to make. I’m a novice chef (meaning that up until this past winter, my dinners included one or more of the following: ramen, hot dogs, freezer peirogies, cheddar cheese slices, cresent rolls from a can and ranch dressing) and this was about a 4 on a 1-10 difficulty scale.

Oh so very yummy.

These are the things you need:
baking sheet, covered in tin foil
4 boneless-skinless chicken breasts
a drinking glass with a flat bottom or a meat pounder thing
four thick cut slices of high quality deli ham
eight thick cut slices of swiss cheese
half a cup of bread crumbs (optional. I like them, but optional)

  • Pre-heat oven to 350 degrees
  • butterfly your four chicken breasts, leaving the two halves connected. Then, with your flat bottomed drinking glass or, if you have one, your meat tenderizer, pound the breasts until they are 1/4 inch or less.
  • cut the edges off of your ham; the casing doesn’t bake well.
  • lay out one slice of ham and one slice of swiss cheese on the butterflied breast. Start rolling tightly from one end and wrap the ham and swiss inside the roll. Secure with a toothpick.
  • sprinkle bread crumbs and your preference of salt and pepper over the breasts.
  • cover the chicken with tin foil and put in the oven for 35-40 minutes.
  • After the 35-40 minutes, pull off the tin foil on the top and lay a slice of swiss cheese over each breast. Cook for a further five minutes, or until the cheese has fully melted.


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