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It’s beginning to look like a wonderful life…

July 6, 2010

Hello everyone, and welcome to the new and improved version of The Buescher Project!

The time has come (the walrus said…) to come back among the land of the living. Or at least the internet. And this time, I’m armed with a really lovely wordpress app on my blackberry!

I’d also like to take a moment and announce the creation of my new wedding and event planning enterprise:

I’ve got two weddings booked for this fall, and with the help of some very resourceful men and women, I’m slowly building the contacts that I need for this really fulfilling part-time job!

On Mondays, I plan on selecting something to feature here from my favorite handmade site,

For this Monday…

This is a piece by edmdesigns and can be found here.

Are you serious!? This necklace has so many gorgeous features I can’t even begin to describe them all. The patina on the metal! The faded yellowing on the dial of the clock! That gorgeous oval-link chain! Get me my smelling salts…


And I am also participating in Project365, which I am seven months late starting. Most people start on Jan 1, but I’m a bit off the beaten path to begin with, so July 5 is working OK for me! Project365 is all about cataloging the random and mundane details of our every day lives- the parts that we’re going to treasure in further years. I thought I’d start my Project365 with this one- taken with my phone. It is what our lives revolve around at the moment!

JULY 5, 2010

And with that, I’ll say have a lovely evening and take my leave…

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